Shao New York has bridged the gap between high-end tailoring and the edgy energy of urban style. It is in a genre all its own, coined as Sartorial Streetwear, Founded by New York Designer Shao Yang, the brand injects a breath of fresh air into the fashion scene with its bold aesthetic and empowering battle cry. 

Shao New York erupted onto the fashion scene like a vintage tech disruptor, pioneering the concept of Sartorial Streetwear. It creates a fresh fashion genre, not unlike a newly named Brooklyn neighborhood that has been there all along.This innovative approach has filled the once empty space between high-end tailoring and the edgy energy of urban style. The result? A sophisticated yet rebellious aesthetic that caters to the modern individual seeking a statement piece.

A Show-Stopping Debut at New York Fashion Week

Shao Yang’s vision materialized in a powerful and unforgettable way at New York Fashion Week. Her Spring/Summer 2024 collection, a culmination of her design journey, took a daring new direction. Featuring strong, gender-neutral tailoring with a touch of 1980s inspiration, the collection resonated deeply with the audience, solidifying SHAO as a rising star.

More Than Fashion: A Platform for Empowerment

Shao New York transcends mere clothing; it’s a statement of empowerment. The brand pushes boundaries and establishes a new standard in fashion, one that aligns with the values of self-expression and individuality. Shao champions the modern woman who embraces her unique style, offering a platform to tell her story through a curated blend of high fashion and streetwise cool.

From Brooklyn Streets to the Global Stage: Shao Yang’s Journey

Shao Yang’s artistic journey is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from her Brooklyn upbringing and immigrant background. This rich tapestry of experiences informs her fearless designs. Her meticulous attention to detail, honed through years of experience, fueled the launch of The Tailory in 2014, a bespoke suiting label renowned for its flawless craftsmanship and celebration of individuality. In 2023, Shao New York emerged, allowing Yang to unleash her creative vision on a larger scale.

Shao New York: A Fashion Revolution with Staying Power

Shao New York’s electrifying debut at New York Fashion Week solidified its arrival as a major player in the industry. Yang’s designs, characterized by audacious silhouettes and unexpected textures, captivated audiences. Beyond the captivating aesthetics lies a deeper narrative. Each garment reflects threads of Yang’s heritage, fostering a personal connection with the wearer.

Red Carpet Validation: Slash Rocks a Custom Shao New York Look

Shao New York’s influence extends beyond the runway. Legendary guitarist Slash further cemented the brand’s reputation with a custom-made Shao New York leather suit for the Oscars, a testament to the label’s ability to blend high fashion with a rock and roll edge. This wasn’t just a celebrity endorsement; it was a validation of Shao’s ability to cater to a diverse clientele seeking bold and self-assured style.

Beyond Trends: A Movement for Inclusivity

Shao New York transcends fleeting trends, instead fostering a movement for self-expression that embraces inclusivity. The brand offers a diverse range catering to a variety of styles, all unified by the core principle of Sartorial Streetwear. Think sharp tailoring juxtaposed with oversized pieces and denim, all punctuated by a signature black and white palette with bursts of color.

A Lasting Legacy: Shao New York’s Influence Extends Beyond the Runway

Shao New York’s influence extends far beyond the catwalk. The brand boasts a loyal following and is recognized for its cultural significance. Renowned fashion icons and social media personalities admire their empowering designs and unique East-West fusion.

A Legacy in the Making: Shao New York Redefines Fashion

Shao New York is more than a brand; it’s a cultural movement that redefines fashion. They are a platform for self-expression, a celebration of diversity, and a fearless exploration of artistic boundaries. With their audacious designs, unwavering commitment to empowerment, and unique perspective, Shao New York is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the fashion industry.

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